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Serenity Woodworks meticulously crafts wooden badges, ensuring each piece is imbued with care and precision, creating memorable mementos that capture the essence of cherished moments.

A Crafted with care, it embodies tradition and honor, echoing the strength and resilience of those who serve. Its natural texture lends a unique touch, symbolizing a connection to nature and community, while still commanding respect and trust.
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Each line and curve tells a story of courage and sacrifice, embodying the spirit of those who rush into danger to protect others. Its rustic charm reflects a dedication to tradition and duty, symbolizing solidarity and strength within the firefighting community.
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Carved with intricate detail, it embodies the honor and valor of those who sail the seas. Its smooth surface evokes a sense of calm amidst the waves, symbolizing the resilience and unity of the naval forces.
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Whether full color or natural hardwood your business logo can be created up to 48 inches. The full color signs are rated for outside weather and a lighter material for easy placement in different locations.
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Each line and curve resonates with the legacy of courage and resilience upheld by the Marines. Its rugged texture symbolizes the indomitable spirit of those who serve, forged through challenges and triumphs.
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With each line and curve, it symbolizes the courage and commitment of Coast Guard personnel. As a symbol of honor and duty, it represents the proud tradition of safeguarding our nation's maritime interests and ensuring safety on the waterways.
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Unique Designs

The allure of wooden military service and police badges lies in their distinctive design, which encapsulates tradition, craftsmanship, and a sense of heritage. Crafted from carefully selected wood species such as oak, mahogany, or maple, each badge boasts a unique grain pattern, ensuring that no one can imitate. This individuality adds a personal touch, symbolizing the diverse backgrounds and experiences of those who serve in law enforcement or the military.

The intricate detailing of wooden badges is a testament to the skill and dedication of Serenity Woodworks. Through meticulous carving, laser engraving, or a combination of techniques, these badges showcase emblems, insignias, and text with remarkable precision and clarity. Whether depicting national flags, unit crests, or other symbols of honor, each element is rendered with a reverence befitting its significance. Moreover, the natural texture and finish of the wood enhance the badge’s aesthetic appeal, imparting a timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends.

High-End Quality

The crafting of high-end quality wooden military service and police badges is an art form that merges tradition with innovation, resulting in timeless pieces of exceptional craftsmanship. Each badge is meticulously fashioned by Serenity Woodworks who possess a profound respect for the materials they work with and the significance of the symbols they represent. Beginning with carefully selected hardwoods, such as oak, mahogany, or cherry, the process entails a delicate balance of precision and creativity. Whether employing traditional carving techniques or cutting-edge laser engraving technology, Serenity Woodworks imbue every badge with intricate detailing and impeccable clarity, ensuring that each emblem, insignia, and text is rendered with utmost accuracy and reverence.

Moreover, the production of high-end wooden badges entails a commitment to quality that extends beyond mere aesthetics. Each step of the crafting process, from initial design to final finishing, is executed with meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising standards. This dedication results in badges that not only serve as symbols of honor and service but also as enduring heirlooms that can be cherished for generations to come.


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Elevate your appreciation for tradition and craftsmanship with Serenity Woodworks’ exquisite wooden badges, where each piece embodies the essence of honor, dedication, and timeless elegance.

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"My wooden police badge from Serenity Woodworks exceeded my expectations—impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a timeless beauty that truly honors the valor of law enforcement."
Sgt. John Rivers
"Serenity Woodworks crafted my Arlington Police Department badge with unmatched precision and artistry, capturing the essence of honor and duty in every detail. Truly exceptional craftsmanship!"
Det. Mark Hernandez
"Serenity Woodworks' custom 3D carved hardwood police badges, patches, and agency seals surpassed all expectations, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a profound respect for law enforcement traditions."
Jane Norman
"The Fire Department badge I purchased from Serenity Woodworks is a true work of art, meticulously crafted with passion and precision, honoring the valor and sacrifice of firefighters everywhere."
Scott Jackson
Fire Marshall
"The Border Patrol Supervisor Badge from Serenity Woodworks stands out for its exceptional uniqueness, combining expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a profound appreciation for border security's critical role."
Bill Hutchkiss
"Purchasing the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) badge from Serenity Woodworks ensures unparalleled quality, precision craftsmanship, and a deep reverence for law enforcement, embodying the essence of honor and duty."
Michael Lila

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