Preserving Legacies
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From start to finish, we take pride in our process and work.
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It all starts with you…

Customer Vision

Every project is unique and special. Customers can choose any project from the gallery or design their own carved items and choose any number of characteristics such as wood species, size, frame, placard, engraving, etc. Any ideas from full color, painted, wood 3d lettering, if you can imagine it, we can come up with a solution.
Serenity Woodworks Shop
Big plans? Don’t worry, we’ll make it happen


Based on an image of the actual item or a graphic, the design is recreated from scratch in a 3D modeling software. The design is then sent to the customer in a video rendering for review.
Serenity Woodworks Shop
The backbone of our work.

Wood Selection and Preparation

All hardwoods are selected by hand from select specialized lumber yards. To find the best premium hardwoods, searches may span a 500 mile radius.
Serenity Woodworks Shop
The real work begins…


After the design is complete and material is selected, everything is loaded into a computer numerated control (CNC) machine. A roughing pass takes the material from lumber to a rough outline of the project. Next a fine pointed carving tool precisely cuts all 3D details. Projects can run for up to 15+ hours depending on the size and detail.
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Quality Craftsmanship

Finish Work

After the finishing phase of the CNC, several hours of hand detail work is completed using sanding files, rotary tools, scalpels, and specialized instruments to obtain the most detailed piece. Afterwards a special oil is used to bring out the natural color and grain of the wood, also providing deep protection. The oil finish creates a natural regal look of the art.
Serenity Woodworks Shop
Your piece is headed home!


The very last step is custom making the double thick walled box and packaging your art in 2 inches of charcoal foam. The combination of the super thick cardboard and fitted foam, keeps items completely protected in transit. All items are 100% insured for damage, if it was to happen.
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